The United Reformed Church believes that God continues to call people of all ages and backgrounds to the risks and joys of discipleship. It is through faithful obedience that lives of individuals and the world around us are transformed. To support and encourage individuals and congregations in their calling we offer the following resources for the whole church: 

  • The Children's and Youth and Pilots pages contain information and resources relating to particular work amongst and by the younger members of the church.
  • The Church Related Community Work pages support the United Reformed Church’s distinctive ministry of community development.
  • Resources and guidance for Lay Preachers, Elders and Ministers of Word and Sacraments are to be found in Ministries Committee.
  • Learning and development opportunities for everyone within the church can be found at Education and Learning, as well as more particular matters regarding ministerial training.
  • Good Practice: Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk  the Good Practice pack and other information relating to safeguarding children and adults in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.