In this section we are dedicating space to answer those things that you always wanted to know about children’s and youth ministry. A FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) if you like, a ‘I feel I should know this but don’t’ if you are being honest!

We have started with a couple of questions, but if there is something that you would like to know or you are struggling with in your local situation, please do email us your questions and we will try to answer them here. If you want to know something, chances are someone else would find that information handy too!

Q.     Where do I find appropriate Junior Church resources?

A.     The URC recommends the ecumenical, lectionary based ‘ROOTS’ resource for use in Sunday schools, as well as other contexts including after-school groups and all-age worship. Each week it provides ways to open the Bible to children and young people, exploring one of the readings from the Revised Common Lectionary and relating it to everyday life.

For more information check out their website

Q.     How do we reassure parents that their children are welcome in our church, even when they are noisy?

A.    This is a common question and one that some parents of worry about. They can feel as though all eyes are on them and that they are being judged when their children don’t conform to the ‘sitting still and quiet’ behaviour they feel is expected in church.

This letter was written by a Minister’s wife and may be helpful in letting parents know the value of having children in worship, no matter what!

Dear Parents With Young Children in Church,

You are doing something really, really important. I know it's not easy. I see you with your arms overflowing, and I know you came to church already tired. Parenting is tiring. Really tiring.

I watch you bounce and sway trying to keep the baby quiet, juggling the infant car seat and the diaper bag as you find a seat. I see you wince as your child cries. I see you anxiously pull things out of your bag of tricks to try to quiet them.

And I see you with your toddler and your preschooler. I watch you cringe when your little girl asks an innocent question in a voice that might not be an inside voice let alone a church whisper. I hear the exasperation in your voice as you beg your child to just sit, to be quiet as you feel everyone's eyes on you. Not everyone is looking, but I know it feels that way.

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The Children’s and Youth Work Committee is here to support children and youth activities and the training of existing and potential children and youth workers. As such, grants are available to support a range of activities such as youth events, going on an educational trip organising a youth exchange or something else which will benefit children and/or young people in the URC.

For more information about the Children's and Youth Work Committee grants please download the information letter, and see below for the relevant application forms and support reference forms.

NOTE: If you open these with Adobe Reader rather than in your web browser, you can fill them in, save them and e-mail them back to us without needing to print, scan or post them.

Information lettergrants

Application form for individuals

Support reference form (individual applications)

Application form for groups

Support reference form (group applications)

These grants have been used very imaginatively in the past and have had a huge impact on the lives of children and young people in the URC . Click on the reports below for a closer look at how  some children  and young people have used their grants . Find out about their work, their experiences, and the impact that it had on those they met as well as on themselves. You could be sharing your story here soon!

Zimbabwe 2016

A group of young people were recently supported through the grant scheme to enjoy a life-changing time in Zimbabwe. Read more about their experience here.

Anglo-German Women's Gathering 2015

Hannah Warwicker enjoyed an inspiring time at the annual Anglo-German Women's Gathering. Read more about her experience here.

Tearfund/ICS 2015

Natalie Gibbs returned excited and enthused from her time as a Tearfund/International Citizenship Service volunteer in Bolivia. Read more from her here.

Pilots on Safari 2015

A great day was enjoyed by all attending Pilots on Safari at the West Midlands Safari Park, including families from St Andrews' Roundhay. Read their report on the day here.

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