How Long to Sing This Song?

Read: Psalm 40

Consider this:

What are you thankful for? What song might sum that up? What does it mean for you to speak of God’s love for you? What story would you tell?

In scripture, the Psalms offer us much to ponder. Some are songs of praise and thanksgiving. Others are songs of woe and grief. Some are songs of hope and reassurance. Others are songs of anger and despair. What Psalms would you write?

Here’s what U2 made of Psalm 40…


‘How long to sing this song!’ How long to give thanks to God! How long to seek God’s kindness, grace, peace and love for our lives!

Look for things to give thanks for today, however small, however big and offer your praise.


Offer this prayer:

How long to sing this song!

We are thankful God,

more thankful than we often seem,

more thankful than we usually remember.

So, hear our thanks

as we tell you again and again

how grateful we are,

for all that you have done for us,

for all that you give us,

for all your rich blessings.

Be with us, always, dear Lord,