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Every month, we recommend a different resource for each of our age groups which we think children, young people and their workers will enjoy. Check them out:


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Special Resources

These special items are produced by the United Reformed Church to support individuals, churches and families in their relationships and work with children and young people. For more information, please get in touch.


Get Talking: Starting Conversations about Mental Wellbeing

Get Talking, produced by members of URC Youth, aims to live up to its name and get people talking about mental health. It’s been created for use by people of all ages and backgrounds, in a church context and in wider society, to raise awareness of mental ill health. Young people in the URC have done much in recet times to raise awareness and improve provision for mental wellbeing in the URC. It is vital that this hard work continues, with everyone playing their part. So, Get Talking!

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Let Justice Flow: An Introduction to Social Justice

This innovative resource introduces users to a range of social justice concerns, including climate change, world trade, poverty and the stigma which often surrounds mental health and disability, asking why Christians should care, as well as seeking guidance from scripture on how Christians ought to approach these crucial issues. Each page is packed with information, suggestions and activities to assist both individuals and local church communities in the struggle towards a fairer, more just society.

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Charter for Children - pack

Contains a full colour A4 size version of each of the images by Neil Thorogood from The Charter for Children perpetual calendar (now out of print), with questions for discussion with a Bible reading and a prayer.

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Charter for Children

Charter for Children - images

A CD of the images by Neil Thorogood for use in material for groups, service papers, magazines etc.

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charter for children images

In the Beginning - Ministry with Youth Children and their Families

This booklet is for anyone in a local church setting who is concerned with young children and their families. It is perfect for elders, parents, grandparents, children's and family workers, worship leaders and ministers etc.

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in the begginning young children families



Regular Resources

Every year, the Children's and Youth Work Office and Pilots (the ecumenical, non-uniformed organisation for children and young people run by the United Reformed Church) produce a range of resources to encourage and inspire children's and youth work throughout the denomination and beyond. For more information, or to order paper copies, please get in touch.


Pilots Worship Materials 2016 - Roots and Foundations

Focussing on the URC Children's and Youth Work annual theme for 2016, 'Roots and Foundations', these materials offer plenty of inspiration and ideas for worship. Trees need roots. Buildings need foundations. Human beings, it seems, need both. Everyone needs something to keep at the centre of their existence, something to guide and influence their lives, just as a house needs a foundation centre to keep it upright. From that foundation, we can gain the inspiration, energy and support we need to grow and develop, as a tree does, taking nutrients from the soil from its roots. In offering a great mixture of Bible stories, games, activities, crafts and ideas, this resource seeks to help Pilots companies, as well as other children’s and youth groups, to explore what it means for humans to have roots and foundations.

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Download Pilots Worship Materials 2015 - Treasures here.



Children's and Youth Work Theological Reflection Series

This series of short reflective booklets is designed to inspire further thought and discussion within your church, house group or family, about the value of children (aged 0-18) from a variety of aspects. These resources are free to download or, if you would prefer printed copies, please get in touch.


Valuing Children

A discussion booklet for use by churches exploring their work with children and young people.

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Evangelism Among Children

A discussion booklet to encourage churches to reflect on their evangelism among children and young people.

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Children and Film

A discussion booklet exploring the value of using films and film clips when exploring issues of faith with children and young people.

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Children and Holy Communion

A discussion booklet exploring the issue of children's participation in Holy Communion within the United Reformed Church. This resource is offered to all churches exploring this issue.

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Theology of Pilots

A discussion booklet exploring the issue of children's participation in Holy Communion within the United Reformed Church. This resource is offered to all churches exploring this issue.

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Theology of Pilots cover



Additional Resources

Some additional items which you might find useful...

Time For Prayers

The URC Guides & Scout Fellowship have produced a 24-paged, pocket-sized book aims to provide a helping hand to leaders of groups of children and young people, such as Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Rangers, or Pilots.

It is their hope that this book will enable your young people to meet with God through prayer.

Price: £1.50

Available from
(Postage rates apply: £0.50 for 1 or 2 copies, £1.00 for 3-6, £1.30 for 7 or more)


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