Blog AnnH WebThis week, we hear from CRCW Ann Honey and share her own blog post: 

"Building community isn’t easy, we chatted about this while we were knitting squares for who knows what – trying to find some kind of “focus”, even a temporary one, that might bring people together – not necessarily always agreeing with each other, but at least facing in the same direction."

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TongeMoorCompetition webChildren within a community of Bolton saw their posters used to promote Hate Crime Awareness Week, as part of a neighbourhood design competition, which was led by one of our very own CRCW projects.

The winning poster design was created by Shelby and Alexus from Moorgate Primary School (pictured right). The story even featured in The Bolton News.

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Mal Breeze March16WebHaving sent out a plea to our ministers for stuff to blog about (it can’t all be posts from me...I am not that interesting!) I was very happy to receive this piece (slightly adapted from the original) from our very own CRCW Mal Breeze. It’s a little snapshot of what he has been up to recently and highlights some great things going on in the community where he is based.

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AnnHoney Blog WebIt seems dancing around handbags is alive and well and thriving in Fenham!!  Today we are reading the Blog post of Ann Honey, the CRCW minister in RSM Project, Newcastle:

Last week we held a fabulous oldies night (that’s the music, not the people!!) in our hall.  This was a partnership social with the Search Project.  Around 4 times a year we like to try something we think everyone will enjoy – and this time, in answer to many requests, we used music from the 50s 60s and 70s.

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