Become a CRCW Project

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If you are a church (or churches) looking to apply for an accredited CRCW project please contact the CRCW office on 0207 916 2020 (URC Switchboard) or at for more information.

We would encourage you to read about the process before getting in touch: 'Could God be calling you to the ministry of Church Related Community Work?' PDF.

Documents you may find useful when applying to become a CRCW Project:

CRCW Covenant
The Covenant is a document signed by all parties involved in setting up a CRCW project. Please download the document here.

CRCW Handbook
Handbook for Local Pastorates (PDF)

The Plan for Partnership in Ministerial Remuneration Additional Information
Please click here for more information on housing and housing allowences, travel, and sabbaticals.

Specimen CRCW Role Descriptions & Person Specifications
To download a PDF version, please click here.

Specimen Budget
To view a 'Model Budget' please click here.

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