Ministries Committee

toolbox image 3The Committee is responsible for

Are you thinking about ministry?  Some ministers tell their stories:

Minister 1

Minister 2

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Minister 7

The work is divided between:
The main Ministries Committee which deals with;
General policy on ministry issues and produces major reports and publications like 'Equipping the Saints'.

There are 5 sub-committees and one advocate:

Assessment Board
Responsible for the candidating procedures and assesses candidates for the Ministry of Word and Sacraments and Church Related Community Work

Accreditation Sub-Committee
Maintains the roll of ministers, accredits those applying for inclusion after training and those coming from other denominations. It also deals with applications for Special Category Ministry posts

Church Related Community Work Programme Sub-Committee
Is responsible for supporting the Church Related Community Work Ministry and Programme under the terms agreed in the Church Related Community Work Covenant. This includes the accreditation of Churches-in-Community

Maintenance of the Ministry Sub-Committee
Advises on the level of stipend and ministers’ conditions of service through the Plan for Partnership. It is also concerned for pensions through its associated Pensions Sub-Committee.

Retired Ministers Housing Sub-Committee
Works in Association with the United Reformed Church Retired Ministers' Housing Society Ltd.

Leadership in worship advocate
Resources for worship

The Committee is also involved with or responsible for: