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This page is for all the good news stories out there worth sharing. Please do send us stories and photos of the things that you are doing (big or small) in your local church or synod, and let’s celebrate together how God is at work within our children and young people throughout the United Reformed Church.

door of europe News images 554x415Jake Convery, United Reformed Church Youth Assembly representative to the URC's General Assembly and Mission Council, recently returned from a Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI) fact-finding trip to visit refugee projects in Italy.

The professional organist and music teacher was one of seven young men from churches across Britain and Ireland to hear first-hand testimony from refugees and support workers on the islands of Sicily and Lampedusa, the ‘door of Europe’.

Jake, organist at Congleton URC and director of music at Saint Andrew's URC, Hampstead, said: ‘The trip to Italy was eye opening and educational as well as being incredibly heartbreaking.’

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BDO image 554x415Organisers of the United Reformed Church’s Big Day Out have thanked the hundreds of URC visitors, and all contributors, for making the most of the event at Warwick Castle on Saturday (20 May) – and smiling their way through the sunshine and showers!

Visitors from across the United Reformed Church joined Pilots’ companies to take part in the festivities which, this year, were designed not only for children and young people but also for Church members of all ages. In a break from tradition, the Big Day Out included a festival on the Castle’s Pageant Field and many activities, talks, games and workshops took place in gazebos dotted around the impressive site.

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Earlier this year, Pilots from around Thames North Synod gathered at The Vine Church in Ilford to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the organisation.

Pilots, the children’s and youth organisation of the URC, was originally founded to thank children for their efforts in raising money for the London Missionary Society (LMS) to build ships in the name of famous missionary John Williams. Today, Pilots companies across England, Scotland and Wales continue to meet the needs of the communities in which they function, offering children and young people safe and caring environments to flourish in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. You can find out more about Pilots here.

Everyone enjoyed a great day of games, activities and stories wrapped up in worship that encompassed the ethos of inclusion and love which Pilots has promoted throughout its history.

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wdyt2In July 2015, the United Reformed Church gathered in Southport for its biennial General Assembly, focusing on the theme, ‘People of the Way’. As part of preparations for the Assembly, groups of children were asked to look at the Bible passages which would be explored throughout the event and, without prompting, to share their thoughts about these passages, the messages they share and the lessons they teach.

Their responses showed great insight and wisdom, making it clear why Jesus was adamant that anyone who does not approach the Kingdom of God as a small child does, will not be able to understand it.

Listen to their contributions and see for yourself what ‘Children of the Way’ have to teach us...

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diagramofdreamsEarlier this year, a group of young people gathered alongside the East Midlands Synod Meeting. After enjoying a visit to the Cinema in the morning to see ‘Storks’, they spent the afternoon discussing the Theology they could find in the film and the implications this had for them, their lives, their faith and their relationship with the Church.

This family comedy, which follows storks as they decide to stop delivering babies and start delivering packages instead, which they think, initially, to be a better business move, had much for the young people to pick out, consider and explore.

Over the course of the day, the group discussed respecting others, treating everyone how they wanted to be treated, loving each other and supporting each other along the way. They also spoke about listening to what God is calling them to and, very importantly, doing it! Even if God’s plans are not the same as our plans, seeming strange, uncertain and questionable, we are not on our own. We always have guidance and support as we move along the journey of life, even when we don’t think we’re going in the right direction.

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