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Radical Christian magazine goes digital

The highly regarded and radically challenging Christian magazine Reform – has become one of the first Christian magazines in the UK to launch a digital edition. From April, the digital version of Reform is delivered to readers’ tablets, smartphones and computers, via a custom-built app.

Take time to imagine with TLS

The United Reformed Church training for learning and serving (TLS) team is launching its new period of enrolment by encouraging people to take time to imagine – a different world, a different church, and a different you – as part of a practical learning experience.

By engaging with these ideas, TLS aims to creatively explore how some of these possibilities may be a positive influence in a person’s life, church and community.

The TLS enrolment period is open now until the 31 May – find out more about TLS and how you can get involved here, you can also find out more in the new prospectus available here.

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