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John Proctor books now on online store

Visit the URC web store where you can find, amongst other things, books written by The United Reformed Church general secretary The Revd John Proctor. Check out the web store for more information.

First and Second Corinthians  An accessible study on First and Second Corinthians, providing insightful commentary examining how Paul’s letters spoke to the people of Corinth and how they are received today.

The People’s Bible Commentary: Matthew  A devotional commentary for study and preaching.

Grove booklets  A set of five study booklets, providing an indispensable introduction to, and overview of, the message and meaning of all four Gospels and the Book of Acts. These booklets can be bought either separately or as a complete set.

Pilots on Safari: A ROARING SUCCESS!

With approximately 1,500 in attendance from across the UK, smiles all round and the sun splitting the skies, it seems safe to say that ‘Pilots on Safari’ 2015, the latest ‘Big Day Out’, on the 16 May, was a resounding success!

From the moment the first coach arrived at the West Midland Safari Park until the worship band played its last note, both Pilots and ‘Pilots for a day’ enjoyed one of the largest Safari drives in the country, played games, collected stickers, ate ice cream, rode roller coasters and generally enjoyed the excitement which naturally comes with such a large gathering. Pilots are still buzzing from the experience, saying what a wonderful day it was, how it provided opportunities to meet others and engage in activities they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Take a look for yourself here

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