Panthers and Parsnips and Light by Lucy Berry

panthers and parsnips News images 554x415Dreaming vague dreams which our souls can’t afford,
harping on memories broken but stored,
trusting in any cold thing we can hoard,
bounded by majesty, frequently bored,

Not too unsteady, but not very firm. 
Not quite heroic; not often the worm;
evasive of acts that we’re capable of;
achieving, sometimes, unspectacular love.

Not very sure what our lives are about,
spending a lot of time not finding out.
Often, (when suddenly sure what is what),
moving quite briskly to losing the plot.

God gives us panthers and parsnips and light.
Christ dies to mid-wife us out of the night.
Doves fly, with olive-twigs, into our sky.
Pottering earth-wards we toddle on by.

© Lucy Berry     

Photo: Unsplash

Possibilities, and our own potential, seem to frighten most of us.
What would happen if, at any age, we looked carefully and 
gratefully at everything we passed, stopped and fully considered 
every option, and took up hopefully every opportunity? 
We'd be resurrected inside six weeks ... 

 © Lucy Berry

Lucy Berry is a poet, a mum, and a minister of the United Reformed Church.
Her website is at  and she's available to perform, preach
and lead workshops.