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Trinity Community Church and Levenshulme URC is a newly accredited and currently vacant project.

The two churches form part of the Inner Manchester Mission Network (IMMN). Both are situated in multi-ethnic areas with a significant population of Muslims, asylum seekers and refugees.  The churches support vulnerable people of all ages, primarily in terms of social isolation, deprivation and mental health issues.

Outreach projects from both Trinity and Levenshulme work with: students; older people; young people; refugees & asylum seekers; people living with mental distress; and people from other faith backgrounds.

A CRCW minister would focus their ministry on developing relationships with church members to enable them to be even more effective in their engagement with local community groups.  S/He would concentrate on three key areas:

  1. Mental Health and Well-Being
  2. Inter-faith and Community Cohesion
  3. Church Support and Community Engagement

Levenshulme opened its new building in October 2010 and is making important, positive changes within the life of the local community. Trinity Community Church is currently improving its building, especially by adding a new community space. Both are poised for new opportunities in mission and engagement.

For further information, please click here for the Levenshulme Inspire website.