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Commitment for Life is the world development programme of the United Reformed Church. We encourage participating churches  to take action, pray and give for people across the world but especially in our four partner countries/region of Bangladesh, Central America(Honduras, Guatemala. Nicaragua and El Salvador), Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory and Zimbabwe. We work in partnership with Christian Aid and Global Justice Now (formerly The World Development Movement) raising around half a million pounds a year from contributing churches. To find out more about the programme, visit the resources page and look at the Intro Leaflet. Use the menu bar to your right  to find resources and ideas to bring the programme to life in your Church.  

2015 Resources now available

Bangladesh 2015

See here for the new stories as separate pages.

The magazine also includes a thank you letter from Loretta Minghella,
Chief Executive of Christian Aid, campaign articles from Christian Aid and
Global Justice Now, as well as a reflection on 'Sharing Everything?' by
Rev Mark Meatcher.

To download the complete mini magazine please click here.

Order forms have been sent out to all churches so do order as many mini magazines and envelopes as you need to inform your congregations about how the money you raise is used.




20-26 September : World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel: Bridges not Walls


“God has broken down the dividing Wall” (Ephesians 2:14)

Join with churches across the world to pray and act for a just peace. Each year churches take time to pray and learn more about the situation in IoPt. Download this year's leaflet full of resources and ideas. For more prayer resources visit the World Council of Churches and Pax Christi.

Postcards available to print out. Some ways to use the postcard:


The postcard is for personal or group use.  Its use could be incorporated into a meeting or a service held during the WWPPI.


  1. Print off copies of the postcard and use these to write your concerns to your elected representative.  Keep these short and clear. You could make multiple copies and hand them out to be used during a meeting or as an action point in a service for the week.
  2. You could use them in a service, printing them out in A5, and invite people to 'build a wall' with the cards, including the image and message. These could be photographed and send to local press/ to the WWPPI organisers as a record of the event.  At the end, they could be re-built into a bridge as part of a time/prayer of commitment to action for change.


Climate Change Lobby Day Reflectionmary cox1

Mary Cox, from  St Ives Free Church, Huntingdon, shares some thoughts on the climate lobby held in London on the 17th June. Revd Melanie Smith, Rev Mark Meatcher and members  from Crowstone St Georges, Westcliff together with Barbara White, from Salisbury URC, also joined the lobby.

Image: Mary Cox




Pray and Fast for the Climate on the 1st day of every monthIan in colombia

Last year’s Intern, Ian Rowe, shares some thoughts on why he fasts on the first day of every month





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