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March 2017 update - Shabini
November 2016 update - Morsheda Begum 
July 2016 mini magazine pages
Feroza Begum
Youth Activities including story of Rubina
NEW Article on Rana Plaza by Maranda St John Nicolle

Image credit: Christian Aid 



ZimbabweZimbabwe Photo 2 low res

March 2017 update - Ethel Mumpande
November 2016 update - supporting 4,800 people in Insiza district
July 2016 mini magazine pages- Binga district



Image credit Christian Aid

Central America - Honduras, Guatemala, CA16
El Salvador and Nicaragua


March 2017 update - Jorge
November 2016 update - Jórge Alberto Mendoza Díaz 
July 2016 mini magazine
- Alvaro Orellana Crespo
Reflection on the visit to El Salvador by John Ellis 
This article was first published in Reform magazine
Tackling violence in Central America

Image credit Christian Aid

Israel and the occupied Palestinian territoryIoPt 16


March 2017 update - Mona Arara
November 2016 update - Esmat Abu Quader
July 2016 mini magazine
- empowering women in the West Bank
Youth Activities including story of Abed

Image credit Christian Aid