Stories from partner countries

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Stories, with images, for use in services, meetings and church magazines

Use these stories of inspiring people to encourage worshippers to consider contributing to the scheme, and in so doing, help restore justice. Images can be put into a PowerPoint, used as a prayer starter or in church magazines to create more interest. 

Youth Group in Cacaopera

Central America

Understanding the gang culture- Jose Ticas
The luxury of running water - various members of the water committee helped by Aprodeni
How do we break down the barriers? - Cecibel Roldan 
Changing public perceptionsDébora Mestanza
Without rushing but without stopping - youth group in Cacaopera




Zimbabwe- new stories

Mcolisi and mealie grinder

A family business - Samukele Moyo
In ten years time - Mcolisi
Maths and mulch - Nomthsndszo
No time to rest- Precious Moyo
The snake in the river - Medelina






Shanti and Kusum 2









Israel and occupied Palestinian territoryKhalid Mansau 1