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Useful Videos

A great way to get involved: A video produced to explain the programme, its aims and vision. Commitment for Life is a network of United Reformed Churches and Local Ecumenical Partnerships committed to praying, giving and campaigning for change.


Catherine Falconer shares her experience as an intern with the Christian Aid Scotland team where she visited partners in Zimbabwe and took part in the Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign.

From Zimpro in Zimbabwe looking at Conservation farming and the success it has had


This video features Christian Aid partner Shushilan in Southern Bangladesh researching the effects of climate change and how local communities can be helped. The video is narrated by Charis Unsworth, Commitment for Life intern 2012/2013.

In Bangladesh, Morsheda lives in fear of the river. No matter how hard she works, every year the floods damage her home, leaving her and her children struggling to cope. This video is part of Christian Aid week materials for 2016

Central America

The current El Salvadorian government encourages participation in processes of reform, allowing Christian Aid partners to work with community members to directly influence local government policy and budgets. The film tells the stories of community leaders Fatima and Jose from the Department of Morazan and their work with Christian Aid partner, Iniciativa Social para la Democracia (ISD) advocating for the rights of women and young people

In Guatemala and El Salvador low tax revenues are linked to massive levels of child malnutrition and lack of government resources to tackle the problems that poor communities are facing. The poorest pay a far higher proportion of their income on the equivalent of VAT and other indirect taxes.

Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory

Story of a doctor who works in the West Bank. She talks of working there despite her friends and families warnings. In fact she feels a lot safer there than in the busy parts of Tel Aviv. An example of her day takes place in a woman's clinic. She sees a boy with cerebral palsy whose access to health care has been very limited due to where he lives. Christian Aids partner PHR helps to change this.


Christian Aid Collective: The youth brand of Christian Aid share a film about building a community of people who get together to eat, act and pray. Watch this film and then find some friends to share food with and take action: