Resources for Interfaith Work

This page is under (re)construction

This is being redesigned to help individuals and churches develop their interfaith awareness, knowledge and engagement. Very often people start from a position of relative inexperience in interfaith matters but are gradually drawn into it through, for example, finding themselves working with asylum seekers or because of a move into a new neighborhood. There can be misconceptions and even prejudice to overcome as well as quite legitimate questions around the difference between dialogue and evangelism and the need for examples of good practice.

The page is being developed as a pathway from basic first steps through to more complex issues, focusing on specific faith groups or questions.  

In support of this there is also a network of synod interfaith advocates and practitioners as well as a shared Interfaith Reference Group with the Methodist Church. In both of these group there are people who can offer advice or assistance to individuals and local churches.


First Steps

The Baptists Union has produced a pack of 12 cards that can be used in a variety of settings entitled '12 Myths of Inter Faith Engagement'. They are unfortunately not downloadbale but can be bought through their resource library here. It challenges myths such 'Inter faith engagement means we sell out on our beliefs and weaken our faith'.