Community Partnerships

IMG 0716 2In ten years’ time we will be a church that is more active in the life of local neighbourhoods.

Many churches already have strong and long-standing links with their local communities – but others have become gathered congregations with little connection to the places where they meet to worship. An incarnational understanding of mission calls us to shape – and to be shaped – by the communities in which we worship and serve. We want to encourage local churches to get involved in their local neighbourhoods in new ways, being creative and taking risks in forming active partnerships with other local agencies, working with people of other faiths in the area to seek the benefit of those that live or work in the area.

We will know if we are on the right track by:

  1. The number of churches running some form of community-project.
  2. The number of churches that work in partnership with local agencies, including people of other faiths.
  3. The number of church members volunteering in other community-based activities.