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URCMembersThe United Reformed Church (URC) is sponsoring a new environmental activism programme, called the ACTCommunity, which is designed to equip Christian leaders with the theological and practical skills they need to tackle climate change – starting with their local community!

The year-long programme, which provides training and mentoring on a range of community organising techniques, helps Christians ground their activism at a local level, and hopes to enhance and develop church-led campaigning for climate justice. The pilot seeks to address one of the biggest challenges facing climate change activism, namely that it tends to attract individual enthusiasts rather than foster broad-based support from whole communities.

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David HerbertThe Revd David Herbert was inducted as the United Reformed Church’s new Moderator of Northern Synod on 17 September, at a joyful service in St James’ United Reformed Church, Newcastle.

The service was attended by a large congregation, some of whom had travelled the length and breadth of the country to be part of the special occasion. People from churches of the Northern Synod joined in worship and celebration along with colleagues, David’s family and friends, and church and faith leaders. The Revd Steven Faber, Moderator of West Midlands Synod, represented other synod moderators – and civic guests included the Lord Lieutenant of Tyne and Wear and the Sheriff of Newcastle.

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The Equality and Human Rights Commission has published the biggest ever review into race equality in Britain. The report, ‘Healing a divided Britain – the need for a comprehensive race equality strategy’, found that life has got much worse for ethnic minority groups, especially young black people, over the past five years. The study covered every aspect of people’s lives, including education, employment, housing, pay and living standards, health, criminal justice and participation.

Reflecting on the findings, the URC’s global and intercultural ministries team, said it is evident that not enough is being done to tackle the increasing racial tensions and widening inequalities in our country. ‘These inequalities are not new,’ the team added. ‘They are deep-rooted. And as Christians we have a duty to work to guarantee the fullness of life for all, a life free of racism, xenophobia, hate-crimes and structural inequalities.’


The United Reformed Church has added its voice to a plea from faith representatives and leaders for the government to revise its policy towards refugees. More than 200 of the ‘people of faith’ co-signed an open letter to Prime Minister Theresa May, asking for more refugees to be admitted into the UK and that greater effort should be made to welcome them.

Acting in the face of what they described as ‘the unfolding human catastrophe’, supporters of the interfaith refugee initiative urged the government to adhere to four refugee principles:

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american football by footballz d2xv5hsThe United Reformed Church (URC) has responded to the calls of its partner church in the US, the United Church of Christ, to share solidarity with Native American communities in addressing the racially demeaning name, mascot, and imagery of the Washington national football league (NFL) team, the “Washington Redskins” – who are scheduled to play at Wembley Stadium on 30 October.
The URC’s General Secretariat gave their backing to the campaign by writing to the directors of Wembley Stadium, BBC Sport and NFL UK. The Revd John Proctor, General Secretary of the URC and the Revd Dr Michael Jagessar, URC Secretary for Global and Intercultural Ministries, stated: ‘The use of racist imagery, language and stereotyping is an affront to all that makes us human, undermines the dignity and human rights of fellow human beings, and negatively impacts upon self-image, self-awareness and self-esteem. Moreover, the continuing misappropriation of Native American cultural names and images, as apparent in this NFL team, is exploitative as it is degrading. The letters call on Wembley Stadium to take into consideration its own commitment to “show the red card to racism”, and prevent any acts of racial discrimination, offensive or abusive language and imagery in sport. They urge the stadium authorities and NFL UK to reconsider their decision to host the game here.

Photo: American Football by Footballz/deviantart