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One World Week

one world week Youth Group in CacaoperaThis week is One World Week, 19 – 26 October, a week intended to let others know about some of the global issues that affect us all and to recognise we can all be part of the change.




Good Money Week

good money week 2This week is Good Money Week, 19-25 October, an opportunity to ensure those you trust with your money are looking after it well and using it in ways that benefit society and protect the environment.



Healthcare Sunday

Paul SNELL 2014 03AHealthcare Sunday, 19 October, is an opportunity for your church to acknowledge and affirm the doctors, healthcare students, lecturers, academics and trainers in your congregation and local community, as well as volunteers, carers and others involved in healthcare.



Free church leaders attend party conferences

dgm tory confRepresentatives of the United Reformed Church, the Methodist Church, the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Salvation Army and the Religious Society of Friends, attended the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat party conferences this autumn; the visits allowed church representatives to raise key justice issues with politicians ahead of next year’s general election in May.