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Holocaust Memorial Day

aushwitz memorialHolocaust Memorial Day, 27 January 2015, marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. 2015 will also be the 20th anniversary of the Genocide in Srebrenica, Bosnia.


Statement of interfaith solidarity

URC logo 2015John Ellis and David Grosch-Miller, Moderators of General Assembly, John Proctor, URC general secretary and David Tatem, secretary for ecumenical and interfaith relations, affirm the important contribution to national life made by members of the Jewish and Muslim faiths in the United Kingdom.


Praying for Unity

Image carving at Lincoln CathedralAs we start this the week of prayer for Christian Unity, Susan Durber, URC minister and theology advisor for Christian Aid, questions why and how there is still, in some places, “celebrate diversity” and accept disunity, rather than prayer and yearn for deep, real, unity.