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Resolution 33 concerned the URC giving support to an international Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty which would operate in a similar way to other treaties banning indiscriminate weapons such as cluster bombs.

Convenor of the mission committee the Revd Tracy Lewis put the resolutions into context reminding Assembly that since 1983 the URC has made clear commitments to peacemaking supporting multilateral disarmament and non-proliferation treaties.

Ms Lewis said: 'In an era where there are new threats in the area of nuclear warfare such as cyber-terrorism, there is an opportunity for the United Reformed Church to give a clear moral perspective in a contentious area.

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General Assembly heard this afternoon an inspiring account of the hardships and strength of Christians in Pakistan from the Revd Dr Majid Abel, Senior Pastor of the Naulakha Presbyterian Church and the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan. The following is a summary of his address.

I bring greetings from the Christians in Pakistan and thanks for your amazing hospitality. Pakistan was supposed, when it was first founded, to be a secular state, but many Christians left after partition and those who remain are oppressed socially, economically and politically. We face serious persecution.

The constitution of the Islamic State of Pakistan bars non-Muslims from many roles, and we face discrimination in education. Many Christians are subjected to forced marriages and forced conversions.

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