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On Palm Sunday, 20 March, the first service was held in the refurbished Trinity URC/Methodist Church in Enfield, London.

In July 2015 the building suffered a fire, and since then the congregation has worshipped in the St Paul's Centre over the road – a URC building, managed by the Enfield Town and Forty Hill Local Ecumenical Partnership.

On 20 March the able-bodied met in the St Paul's Centre, and processed down the road to Trinity with palm crosses, following the Lenten cross.

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Are you aware of the importance of the referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union, yet overwhelmed by the complexity of the issues and cautious about what to make of the arguments?

The United Reformed Church, with its Joint Public Issues Team partners, the Baptist Union, the Methodist Church and the Church of Scotland, is producing a guide to help think through the issues in the light of the Gospel command to love your neighbour.

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Jesus' execution took place in the busy ordinariness of a crowded and unsettled city. That is part of the transforming power of the Easter Story, says URC General Secretary John Proctor.

Many a local church worships outdoors on Good Friday – processing along crowded streets, singing and silence in the market place, stations of the cross around community landmarks, pausing for prayer where people go to and fro.

Good Friday is the right moment for going public. Jesus was crucified in the thick and tangle of living, amid the tiredness and tension of difficult days. A lot of issues that shape our lives were swirling and gathering around his death.

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The Revd Susan Durber, minister at Taunton United Reformed Church, is overcome with joy visiting the empty tomb

The more I become familiar with death, the more I find I believe in the resurrection. I’ve reached that stage of life, probably rather early, where so many people I have loved have died. Death is no stranger any more, no great unknown, but one of the boring facts of life which keeps reminding me of its existence.

I was recently in Jerusalem with, among others, a Franciscan priest. While we were there he went, very early one morning, to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where he celebrated Mass in the small shrine at the heart of the church. You have to crouch down to get in.

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United Reformed Church Special Category Minister the Revd Peter Stevenson has completed six months as Site Chaplain to the Elephant Park Development in South London. 

The development currently employs 500 people and this is expected to rise to 2,000 when all the phases come on stream. The developers, Lend Lease, wanted to trial a chaplaincy service to add to their well-being programmes. The chaplaincy operates for four hours per week and has proved a great success.

Since last October Mr Stevenson has contact with around 350 people each time he makes a visit. He walks up and down the scaffold, wherever they are pouring cement, or driving piles. 'I present myself as a listening ear to all faiths and none.'

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