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dont lose reformAt last week’s Mission Council Peter Knowles, convenor of the communications committee, and Steve Tomkins, Editor of Reform, gave a short presentation to Mission Council, on the subject ‘Don’t lose Reform!’.

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The full report of the business discussed and decided at last week’s Mission Council is now available and includes information on the discussion and decisions regarding the future of the Windermere Centre, one of the United Reformed Church’s Resource Centers for Learning.

The future of the Windermere Centre, one of the United Reformed Church’s four Resource Centres for Learning was discussed during four separate sessions of Mission Council. The discussion was wide-ranging and careful, and included the Centre’s financial position. Mission Council considered three options:

  1. To pursue a partnership with an ecumenical hospitality provider;
  2. To continue to operate on the current model and;
  3. To close the Centre.
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Grace Pengelly, Secretary for Church and Society at the United Reformed Church, and a member of the Joint Public Issues team, writes about the removal of children from the ‘Jungle’ in Calais.

Children are curious creatures, they like to know what’s going on – and what the ‘grown ups’ are talking about. It’s often easy forget how perceptive children are, how much they take in when we’ve forgotten that they’re still in the room.

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News banner Oct20 MC3 2016Paper A1: Plans for GA2018 and beyond

Paper A1 is an update paper, there is no resolution attached but several members of Mission Council wanted clarity on both the decision made and future plans.

Specific questions included: would the 2018 and subsequent Assemblies include a Children’s Assembly?; would the 2018 venue be fully accessible? (commenting that the 2016 venue, the Southport Convention Centre, had not been) and was there a possibility of Assembly being permanently located in one, fully accessible, venue?  The point was also made that the Assembly arrangements committee seems to exist to tell the Church what Assembly it’s having, rather than respond to requests to deliver an Assembly that will clearly benefit the life of the denomination. 

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