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United Reformed Church nominates its next General Secretary

general secretaryFollowing the resignation of the Revd Roberta Rominger in November 2013, the General Secretary Nomination Group of the United Reformed Church has been seeking her successor.

The nomination group, which is responsible for bringing a single name to the denomination’s General Assembly this July, has now completed its work and is nominating the Revd John Proctor, currently vice-principal of Westminster College in Cambridge, to be the URC’s next general secretary.  If General Assembly accepts the nomination Mr Proctor will be inducted as general secretary on Sunday 6 July at the end of General Assembly.  His term of office will therefore overlap with that of Mrs Rominger who will formally step down from the role on 31 July 2014.


United Reformed Church condemn state violence in Taiwan

URC-Logo-Medium-2014The United Reformed Church has issued a statement of support and solidarity for their partner church, the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, in response to the recent news release following the use of state-sanctioned violence against non-violent protestors, who occupied the Legislative Yuan (branch of government) on the evening of 18 March 2014.

The protests by the “318 student movement” were motivated by the government’s lack of transparency over the Ma Ying-Jeou administration’s decision to rescind the trade and service pact with China. The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, along with student movements, civil organisations and members of the general public, have argued that Taiwan’s ruling party, Kuo-min-tang, violated democratic  process “to ram through measures that favour the ruling party and its business interest” at the expense of the rights of the people of Taiwan.


Mothering Sunday


P J  S summer 2006In celebration of Mothering Sunday, Karen Morrison, United Reformed Church head of children's and youth work development offers the following reflection:

"When I was expecting my first child, my head filled with thoughts of motherhood. I imagined I would be one of those mums that looked fresh and smiley all day, would be on top of the housework, and would read story books to my children. I would organise games at a drop of a hat, would be able to answer the endless questions children ask and would keep the cake plate full with sweet surprises.

"When my first born was five days old the nurse said I could take him home. Panic turned to fear and then to incredulity, ‘what were they thinking? I didn’t know what to do with this tiny person, surely they were the experts not me, how irresponsible of them!’

"I got to grips with babyhood, thoroughly enjoyed toddlerhood and gave up apologising for the constant mess that engulfed my home. I read lots of books to my little ones, enjoying the pictures and repetition as much as them , we played games, dressed up, splashed in the paddling pool and ate fresh cakes as soon as they were cooked.

"We meandered our way through these early years of going to the park, feeding the ducks, visiting friends, cuddling up to share books until we arrived at the school years – the next big shock!


Call for clarity on use of UK drones by US forces

droneChurches are calling for the Ministry of Defence to clarify its deployment of UK drones in Afghanistan. A Defence Committee report, issued today, confirmed the likelihood of UK drones having been used by US drone operators.

Leaders of the Methodist Church in Britain, the United Reformed Church and the Baptist Union of Great Britain have backed a call made in the Defence Committee report, urging the MoD to provide clarity on whether UK Reaper aircraft have been operated by US personnel. The Defence Committee report states that: “It is important that it is clear that UK aircraft have only been utilised within Afghanistan and always in accordance with UK Rules of Engagement.”