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Copyright alert!

copyrightIn recent months Church House has become aware of two occasions where unintentional copyright infringements have resulted in local churches being faced with legal action. On both occasions the infringement centred on a short poem: The Dash by Linda Ellis – being published without permission in church newsletters and/or church websites.

Please take great care in all that you publish – and never publish items that you don’t have permission to publish (e.g. poems, prose extracts, song/hymn lyrics). If you do want to publish something that’s protected by copyright, please seek written (or emailed) permission from the copyright holder before you print it in your newsletter or post it on your church website.

We also recommend that churches check their insurance cover to ensure that appropriate insurance cover is in place in the event that a claim for breach of copyright is made.

In the event that you do receive a threat of legal action we suggest that you take legal advice, but, in the first instance, please do contact Gill Nichol, the URC’s interim’s director of communication, for initial advice before responding.

The CCLI website is an excellent source of information on copyright law.

The URC's position on assisted dying

Fotolia 52170185 XSThe United Reformed Church has joined with the other mainstream Christian churches and faith communities in the UK in expressing its deep concerns about Lord Falconer's Assisted Dying Bill, which is due to be debated in the House of Lords today, Friday 18 July.

When the United Reformed Church last debated the issue of assisted dying, at its General Assembly in 2007, it resolved that it: "could not support legislation that would empower medical staff to intervene in ways which deliberately seek to assist a patient to die." This remains the position of the United Reformed Church.

In the resolution it passed in 2007 the Church acknowledged that: "there are circumstances in which it will be wrong to continue to provide treatment designed to prolong life'. However, it committed itself to 'oppose any change in the law to permit voluntary euthanasia or assisted suicide."


The United Reformed Church welcomes women bishops

URC Logo 300The United Reformed Church has warmly welcomed the Church of England's General Synod vote in favour of allowing women to become bishops. 

The moderators of the General Assembly of the United Reformed Church, the Revd David Grosch-Miller and Mr John Ellis, said:

"Throughout its life the United Reformed Church has opened every office to both men and women and has found its life enriched by the gifts and insights that women have brought to all parts of the Church. In recognising that God calls both women and men equally we have found our understanding of leadership deepened and the language we use of God broadened.


General Assembly round-up available here

Assembly2014logoDuring General Assembly 2014 the communications team from Church House reported all the main events and debates from General Assembly on Facebook, twitter and the URC website –  and they also produced General Assembly 2014 News round-up which is available here.  Full reports on General Assembly will appear in the July/August News Update and in the September edition of Digest.