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Lord, forgive our silence.
Forgive our reluctance to speak up for others.
Forgive our reliance on goods which have been produced unfairly
at the expense of the poor.
Forgive our lack our awareness of how our clothes are manufactured,
our food produced and our mistaking unneeded goods for essentials.

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Let Justice Flow resourceA brand new resource for individuals and groups is now available to help churches respond creatively to the challenges of social justice.

Let Justice Flow introduces people to a range of concerns, including climate change, world trade, poverty and the stigma which often surrounds mental health and disability. It asks why Christians should care, and seeks guidance from scripture how to approach these crucial issues.

Complex global concerns are introduced with games and activities to spark the imagination, followed by discussion, biblical reflection, prayers and suggestions for action.

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Elizabeth Clark, National Rural Officer for Methodist and United Reformed Churches, puts the spotlight on aspects of poverty that are all too easy to ignore.

When we talk about poverty, what springs to mind? The homeless man begging in your town centre? Or perhaps a young family forced to use food bank?

Poverty has a range of guises, and is exhausting and demoralising wherever you are – but some forms of poverty are less visible and less well understood than others.

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