Walking the Way

Welcome to ‘Walking the Way: Living the life of Jesus today’

Walking the Way is the umbrella term for the United Reformed Church’s exciting focus on lifelong Christian discipleship and mission. When you engage in Walking the Way, we hope that your own understanding of what being a Christian disciple is deepens. You may grow beyond your dreams in living as a disciple when you are in church and, perhaps more importantly, when you are not. 

The Greek word for ‘disciple’ is mathetes; Andrew Roberts, author of Holy Habits, says, ‘It is often said to mean either a follower or a learner. The literal meaning is “one who learns as they follow”.’ 

Walking the Way explores what it means to actively follow and learn from – and to be eventually transformed by – Christ.  It’s for everyone at any stage of the Christian journey – whoever you are, whatever your existing relationship with Jesus Christ and the Church is, whatever your personal circumstances. It’s for you whether you have been following Jesus for five days or five decades. 

While there’s nothing new about being a disciple of Christ, we’re confident that there is something new about Walking the Way in its accessible approach and in the wide range of supporting resources produced and planned.  

Walking the Way Living the life of Jesus todayIn 2017 we have been walking the way via Feasts and Festivals.