Intercultural Resources

New resources

  • In our own Words [This a collection of essays written by BAME ministers and ordinands of the URC sharing their faith journey. The essays are autobiographical and offers critical reflections on what it means to be a visible 'minority' within the United Reformed Church.]
  • Diversity Awareness Conversations [This resource of seven conversation points is intended to enable constructive conversations on raising awareness and growing good habits/practices of diversity.]
  • Racial Justice Sunday 2018 [Here is a small collection, including links to other webpages, of resources for Racial Justice Sunday (February 11, 2018). This material can be used anytime, though, the reflections are based on the lectionary readings for this specific sunday.]
  • Wonderful Youth [A multicultural resource from the Baptists Union of Great Britain. A very timely collection of materials.]

Racial Justice – Advocacy & Awareness Training

At the 1987 General Assembly the URC declared: “The United Reformed Church believes that all people are created in God’s image, free and equal in  [God's] sight..... The United Reformed Church commits itself to challenge and equip all its people to resist racism within themselves, within the church and within society as a whole and to train people and devoted resources to this task.”

  • A significant dimension of RJA work is our vibrant network of Racial Justice Advocates.
    Racial Justice Sunday Resources from Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (past and any current) can be found here.
    Past URC Racial Justice Sunday Resources can be found here.
  • Strangers No More is a transformative racism awareness training manual which has five themes that encourage and challenge participants to consider racial justice more positively and to explore strategies for change.
  • Workers for the Harvest is a course for those wishing to run and facilitate sessions and workshops in racial justice and multicultural issues with church groups and community groups.
  • Multi-Cultural Ministry Course is a Council for World Mission (CWM) Europe module aimed primarily at theological education and training settings and flexible enough to be adapted for any learning situation.
  • Diversity in Dialogue - Building Bridges for the Future is a course from the Diocese of Worcester on Diversity and Difference. Building Bridges is geared towards having tough conversations without becoming polarised.
  • CARF - a vital resource for those interested in the history of anti-racist campaigning

Vision 20 20b

RJMM - The URC Journey

The story of Racial Justice and Multicultural Ministry (RJMM) is relatively young in the life of the United Reformed Church, also a young church in terms of its "uniting" history. While resolutions dating back to 1987 identify this as a starting date, it can be reasonably argued that the URC has always had a focus on what it means to be a radically welcoming and inclusive Church.

Over the years, as a denomination we have strived to move beyond ‘good intentions’ to attempting to live the vision in practice. In this section you will find some documentation related to the work from 1978. We are currently working on updating this list.

General Assembly Resolutions

RJMM Documents (selected)

Multicultural Church & Intercultural Ministries

In 2005, the United Reformed Church declared itself to be “a Multicultural Church welcoming all cultures and ethnicities in worship witness and service, and celebrating the diverse gifts of the whole people of God for the mission and ministry God calls us to”. With the changing landscape in the UK, developing and growing multicultural ministries is a significant core activity of our work. Books relating to this can be found here.

One of the initial and continuing emphases of our work is that of enabling, developing and nurturing the giftings of Black and Minority ethnic lay and ordained members of the URC. This takes the form of creating spaces and opportunities for meeting, training, celebration and reflections. Hence, the development of the United Reformed Curch Intercultural (URCiC) gatherings, Together Ethnic and Minority urc (TEAMurc) meetings (formerly EMLOMA), Black and Ethnic Minority Ministers/CRCW's residential and Cascades of Grace (Black and Minority Ethnic Women). These conferences and gatherings are co-ordinated by a small enabling group working in conjunction with the Secretary for RJiM.

Seasonal/Thematic Resources

Here you will find a collection of seasonal worship resources and study materials related to racial justice and multicultural themes. These resources are intended for small group use, discussion starters, worship and study days. As some of these are sourced from a variety of contexts, it may become necessary to adapt the materials appropriately.

If you have used any of these links and resources, we will value your comments and suggestions as to how they were used and received.

Also, you are invited to suggest other resources you may have used (either your own or that from other links) that we can include here.
Prayers and other Resource (USPG)
Council for World Mission Resources (CWM)
Advent Resources and More (CTBI)
Advent Reflections from East Midlands Synod - a collection of poems, photographs and reflections.