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Syria cc Freedom House Flicker bannerThe United Reformed Church is pressing the British government to avoid participating in any further military action in Syria and instead to urgently work with international partners to pursue peaceful solutions.

Early on the morning of Saturday 14 April 2018, the UK joined the US and France in bombing government sites in Syria, targeting chemical weapons facilities.

The move was in response to a chemical attack launched by forces loyal to Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad on 7 April where scores of innocent people were killed or injured.

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Mal Breeze group bAccording to White Fright: Divided Britain, a BBC Panorama programme aired in January 2018, Blackburn is a community segregated along ethnic and religious lines.

Panorama first visited the Lancashire town, made up of around 100,000 British white people and 40,000 British Asians, in 2007 to report on how the community was integrating. It returned 10 years later with a critical report of an increasingly socially segregated area, described as a ‘national crisis’.

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News banner Derek and JaneA special gathering was held on 11 April for staff from the United Reformed Church’s London office to meet all the residents of ‘The Nest’ – the top floor of Church House.

Greenbelt moved into The Nest in September, followed by The Trussell Trust’s external affairs department in January, and have since been joined by Street Child United, Single Friendly Church and the UK branch of International Justice Mission, described as the largest anti-slavery charity in the world.

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