Education Sunday

Stained Glass rainbow and treeThe Revd Elizabeth Gray-King, education and learning programme officer for the United Reformed Church, reflects on the theme of this year’s Education Sunday, focusing on the importance of obedience, faith and action.

"Education Sunday – an odd pair of words. 

"Why are the words Sunday and education in the same phrase, let alone make up a single phrase? "Sunday” names the day when we stop to worship our God, whilst “education” is usually seen written over the doors of schools and colleges. I suspect that these words are together here because, more than 150 years ago someone realised that to worship is to learn, and more deeply, to learn is to worship.

“We can learn from God and from each other, each time we encounter the fullness of God. I hear so much about teaching in worship; telling each other what should be known and what ought to be done.  Yet rich, God filled, education is also about learning, wrestling, coming to new minds, experiencing new hearts for others.

“This year, Education Sunday’s theme is Obedience, faith and conscience. Such powerful concepts call us to learn deeply from each other, drinking in the reality of each other’s lives. In obedience, we must learn how to truly love and care for all within our community. Our faith is renewed each time we learn in new ways; that with our wise wonderful God, we can understand from each other what it is to exercise our conscience, and learn how we can help to relieve suffering and bring about justice. We may learn how to feel neither guilt nor fear as we face what feels unfaceable.  

“Education Sunday gives a space to celebrate that when we learn again of how to love ourselves and others, we have truly worshipped God.

“May we all have blessed learning this Sunday and every day.”

Image: Stained Glass Robin and Tree © Elizabeth Gray-King