Love Comes to Stay by Lucy Berry

Lucy poem march picYou broke into my house while I was out
and lodged and laughed and cooked and disarranged things.
I find it very hard to tolerate
intruders with the energy to change things.

You cluttered up my home with friends and noise;
stole my entire routine and broke and spoiled it,
wrecked my attempts at dignity and poise,
dismantled old machinery. And oiled it.

You heard the song I knew by heart, and learned it,
explored each corner of my home and filled it;
and snatched my dearest prejudice and burned it,
and caught what terrified me most. And killed it.

You hold opinions I don’t wish to hear,
make jokes about me which I don’t quite get,
break rules, support the cause I least approve,
and fail to see that I’m in charge — as yet.
You barge in without any invitation,
slam doors which I prefer to keep ajar
you go and smash my blessed, slow stagnation.

But, since you’re here, we’ll leave things as they are

© Lucy Berry

Photo: Tobin

United Reformed Church poet-minister, the Revd Lucy Berry, says this about her latest mid-month poem, Love Comes to Stay: ‘I wrote this for the BBC years ago. They had asked for a poem about the disruption created by a “beloved” moving into one’s space. I decided within a few seconds that I would write about trying to live in close proximity to Jesus…Pah! What a struggle...